TechCrunch on Luminostics

 Taking a far more complex page from early iPhone apps that leverage the iPhone’s flash to detect heart rate, Luminostics wants to use the same flash to diagnose STDs like Chlamydia. To get a diagnosis, all you have to do is add a sample of blood, urine, or saliva to a cartridge and insert it into the smartphone adapter. In 15 minutes, smartphone users can get critical health information.

  The team decided to start with STDs because of the privacy concerns that put 35 million people at risk every year. The at-home device is fast, convenient, and private unlike traditional doctor visits. The tech was developed as part of PhD research and will be entering clinical trials next year. While the company still has a long way to go before hitting their target of a US and Europe launch in 2018, the founders have an ambitious vision that includes vetinary testing and food safety feedback, in addition to additional applications in consumer health.

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Ever wish you could carry a medical lab in your pocket? This startup certainly hopes so. Luminostics uses your smartphone flash and transforms it to become a personal lab to diagnose potential diseases like Chlamydia and other STDs. Simply add a sample of urine, saliva or blood onto a cartridge that can be inserted into the smartphone and in just a few minutes, diagnosis can be delivered to you personally. Fast, convenient and in the privacy of your own home.

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